3009, 2020

Tips for Building Community

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Tips for Building Community in the Virtual, Socially Distanced and Hybrid Classrooms and With Parents In the Virtual Classroom:Tip #1Encouraging personal expression in your virtual classroom community will help students feel more connected to themselves, each other [read more...]

1507, 2020

Distance Learning Take-Aways

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Let’s Not Throw Out the Baby with the Bath Water — Distance Learning Take-Aways We’ve all heard the expression, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.” That’s never been truer than now. While distance learning was challenging [read more...]

1805, 2020

Tips for Making Instructional Videos

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Tips for Teachers on Making Instructional Videos for Students Getting comfortable teaching online is a huge learning curve for everyone. Not being able to see students’ faces, feel their excitement as they grasp new concepts or [read more...]

2904, 2020

Social and Emotional Learning On-Line

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Social and Emotional Learning On-Line: Tips for Maintaining That Important Human Connection with Students and Sustaining Their Engagement Remotely It feels weird doing online now what we would normally do with students in person every day. [read more...]

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