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Bullying – Somebody DOES understand, and that someone is me.

Chances are, if you’ve landed here, we share something important in common. We’ve both been deeply impacted by bullying.

Maybe you’re a teen who struggles to fit in and you feel like your classmates look down on you. Maybe you’re worried you might be a bully or the person who wanted to help but didn’t because you were afraid.

Are you a parent who can’t stand one more day of watching your child suffer or have you been told that your child is the bully?

Perhaps you’re a teacher, administrator or counselor who’s feeling frustrated by the pain you witness.

Are you an adult dreading a high school reunion?

No matter who you identify with above, I promise you’ve come to the right place. Someone does understand. That someone is me. Take my hand

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A Personal Message

Survivor Turned Activist & Advocate for the Bullied

For the past two decades, since the release of my memoir, The New York Times bestseller, Please Stop Laughing at Me… I’ve been traveling to schools sharing my story to motivate change and have spoken to thousands of students, teachers and parents in hundreds of communities.

I’m one of the first voices of the anti-bullying movement, having dedicated myself to this issue two decades before it was on the public or media’s radar. Whether I’m presenting in-person or virtually, my goal is to guide every school I work with to a place of deeper tolerance, compassion and hope.

My anti-bullying program is called INJJA (It’s NOT Just Joking Around!™) and consists of age-appropriate live presentations, Professional Development, and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) curricula. If you’re interested in bringing me in to your district, click here or email and please include your contact info so I can follow up right away.

I also address bullying in the workplace, hazing and university bullying, and I keynote events and speak at conferences and conventions.

This year, as we all navigate the challenges created by Covid, I’ve introduced consulting services for schools and school administrators on everything from anti-bullying policies and procedures and the school/parent partnership to communication strategies and crisis management. For more info, click here.

Welcome to new possibilities.

With Respect and Enthusiasm,

Jodee Blanco


What Will Bullying Look Like Post Covid?

Bullying is likely to take on some new forms, especially patterns of exclusionary, digital and cyber bullying. I can help educators recognize and identify these behaviors early, and provide simple, practical intervention tools.

The New Parent/School Partnership Post Covid

Specific strategies for educators on how to work in partnership with both students and parents during periods of disruption, deepen trust, inspire new levels of creativity, and transform dissonance into discovery.

Bullying Prevention Across All Classroom Modalities

How do we navigate anti-bullying in the new reality of intermittent remote and/or hybrid learning? Where does the school’s responsibility end and the parent’s begin? How do we create and implement clear realistic guidelines that will keep our students emotionally safe? How do we onboard parents? I will walk participants through step by step what they need to know.

The Cyber-Compassionate Classroom

Specific tips and strategies for schools and parents on how to teach kids a whole new way of looking at their devices and apps. We must plant the seeds of a movement that replaces cyber-bullying with cyber-compassion. I’ll offer step by step guidelines on how we can help students become lasting ambassadors of change that carries through during in-school and at-home learning.

How to Get Comfortable Teaching Online and Really Connect with Your Students

Tips and strategies for finding your stride teaching remotely, including how to work with the camera and feel natural teaching into the lens, the ins and outs of lighting, camera angle and sound, how to develop your own personal teaching style online, among other insights for turning the distance learning experience into a wonderful, enriching and engaging opportunity that strengthens the bond between teacher and students and excites kids about learning this way.