The message of tolerance, compassion and forgiveness that’s my life’s work transcends the need for a specific format. I deliver that message with the same purpose and conviction whether I’m in-person or connecting with an audience virtually.

My in-school anti-bullying program, INJJA™ (It’s NOT Just Joking Around!™) is flexible, can be implemented in-person, remotely, or through a combination of both, and adapted as needed.

INJJA™ Virtual offers the same combination of presentations as INJJA™ in-person: age appropriate student presentations with a follow-up curriculum; an after-school faculty workshop with support materials; and an evening parent/family seminar. Just like with INJJA™ In-Person, schools may choose any combination of presentations or opt for the program in its entirety. All INJJA™ presentations, whether live in person, live via zoom, or pre-recorded, are tailored to the specific needs of that individual school or school group.

Some of the delivery options for INJJA™ Virtual include (via Zoom or the school’s preferred digital platform):

Live Presentations with Q&A

Live Presentations with Q&A Recorded and Provided as a Digital Download for Re-Play and Future Learning

Pre-Recorded Presentations Delivered as a Digital Download with Follow-up Q&A Via Email, Zoom or Video

The INJJA™ Follow-up Curriculum is available digitally with video compliments, as a PDF, or a combination of both by request. For more information on the curriculum, click here for public schools. Click here for Catholic schools.

Professional Development—in addition to the after school faculty workshops that are part of the standard INJJA™ package, all of my Professional Development offerings are available as webinars/”Virtual Conferences” and can accommodate any size group. These range from day-long and half-day in-services, keynotes, break-out sessions, and boot camps. For more information on my professional development series, click here.

Additional Possibilities:

Should a school book me to speak in-person and events require a transition to distance learning when I was scheduled to come, we can either re-schedule for another date in-person or transition to my presenting virtually. Whatever, however is best for the school, I will work with you and together we’ll make it happen.

For more information on INJJA™ Virtual, please call me directly at 312-961-3430 l or email me at

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