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Jodee’s Anti-Bullying Work in Catholic Schools.

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Thank you for visiting the Catholic Schools section of my website. I’m honored that you’re here and hope you’ll find the information on this page helpful. My anti-bullying program, while appropriate for all schools, resonates especially for many Catholic school leaders, because of its emphasis on compassion.

I do a lot of work in the Catholic school system and I am an in-house author for the NCEA (National Catholic Educational Association) and a regular speaker at their conferences and conventions. I also contribute content for the Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education at Loyola University on anti-bullying, governance and Catholic identity. I’ve put together this page for Catholic educators on my specific background within the Catholic school system and why my approach to anti-bullying is a natural fit for Catholic schools.

INJJA (It’s NOT Just Joking Around!) Live Presentations

INJJA (It’s NOT Just Joking Around!) Curriculum

Bullying survivor visits archdiocesan schools with a message to be kinder and gentler humans to each other

Select Webinars by Jodee Blanco for the NCEA:

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