1. How would I go about booking Jodee as a speaker at my school?
    Please contact Jodee Blanco via phone at 312-961-3430 or by email at jodee@jodeeblanco.com. Jodee will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the It’s NOT Just Joking Around!™ anti-bullying program.
  2. What is the appropriate age group for Jodee’s INJJA student presentations?
    Jodee’s INJJA program is divided into age appropriate presentations as follows: k-4th; 6-8th; 9th-12th. Fifth graders can attend the elementary or middle school presentation. It’s up to the discretion of the school which presentation they feel would be better suited for their particular fifth grade class. Some schools are already experiencing pronounced, sophisticated forms of bullying at the fifth grade level and would prefer their fifth graders receive a stronger, “big kid” approach. Others are more comfortable with their fifth graders attending the elementary school presentation, which communicates the same basic message, but more softly and simply.
  3. How long is a typical student presentation?
    k-4th grade is 45 minutes.  6-8th grade is 75 minutes. 9-12th grade is 75 minutes.
  4. I’ve read on your website that you’re going to be speaking at a school near my hometown; can I attend one of your presentations?
    Yes, simply call and we can make arrangements.  Telephone: 312-961-3430
  5. If a school is bringing Jodee in for her day-long program, INJJA, is it necessary that the school’s principal and teachers read her books first?
    Although it isn’t required, we recommend that the administration and counselors at least read Jodee’s first book, Please Stop Laughing at Me… to get a deeper understanding of her extraordinary experience and the wisdom gained.
  6. Are Jodee’s presentations appropriate for all schools?
    Yes, absolutely! Her program is based on core values of tolerance, compassion and forgiveness and is universally applicable. The mainstream version of INJJA is strictly secular and consistent with protocols for public and non-religious private schools. She will adjust her talks to honor the beliefs and/or sensitivities of any participating schools upon request. The Catholic Schools version of INJJA is a separate program, and while it’s structure and overall content are similar to its mainstream counterpart, there are subtle differences in how some of that content is approached that respects and is relevant to the teachings of the Catholic church. For more info, visit https://www.jodeeblanco.com/catholic-schools/
  7. How does Jodee charge?
    She typically charges per school. Often, a group of schools will bring her in and share in the cost. The more schools that participate, the less it costs per school as she can offer a package rate. Districts and dioceses frequently book her to keynote their Professional Development conferences then have her speak in their schools. Jodee always strives to work within an administrator’s budget and her fees can range anywhere from $4,000.00 and up, per school, depending upon the number of schools. For more info visit https://www.jodeeblanco.com/live-presentations/in-school-program-its-not-just-joking-around-injja/
  8. Does Jodee present virtually?
    Yes! She presents via all modalities and platforms and can implement INJJA in-person, virtually, as a blended learning model, as well as accommodate the hybrid classroom. For more info, visit: https://www.jodeeblanco.com/virtual/
  9. Is Jodee’s program evidence based?
    Yes, the program is anchored in the need for every child to feel valued and heard and is supported by a diverse of body of research.  It’s about the human component of bullying, and helping students, teachers and parents work together towards sustainable change.  One of its core components is compassionate, restorative forms of discipline, for which there is a large body of research that concludes restorative practices are more effective in modifying behavior.
  10. Is Jodee’s program interactive?
    Yes, this program is not only interactive but immersive, and facilitates empathy on a visceral and heart level. Jodee doesn’t just engage students, teachers and parents. She awakens them.
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