Consulting Services for School Administrators

The principal of a school is its beating heart. They set the tone for the entire school. More is expected of principals than ever before. Superintendents are also confronting situations that would have been considered unimaginable just a few short years ago. The ability to hold everything together, to nourish hope, sustain optimism and lead with courage and clarity requires more than determination; it requires communications strategies and fundamentals.

I offer consulting and coaching services to school leadership in all areas of communications: parent relationship management; expectation management; faculty communications and troubleshooting; crisis management; disruption response. I help principals and superintendents navigate delicate or sensitive situations with grace. I also do communications trainings for teachers, front office personnel, and other staff.

I do consultations in-person, via zoom or phone, and also tailor workshops for private groups.  Below is a partial list of some of my more popular content:

  • The 3 Tenets of Emotional Credibility in Communication and How to Use Them To Establish Trust
  • Tips and Advice for Documentation and Follow-Up that Makes Everyone Feel Heard and Respected
  • How to Facilitate Mutual Accountability Through Clear, Consistent Communications Practices and Procedures
  • How to Work Successfully with A Difficult Person
  • How to Handle Parent Bullying
  • Anti-Bullying Policies, Procedures, and Protocols
  • Among many other topics

I also work with school leaders on how to harness the influence of their most positive-minded staff members and use their energy and can-do attitude to infuse the entire school with renewed enthusiasm. I’ll share step-by-step advice on communications techniques, acknowledgement initiatives, and compassion-centric policies and protocols that will help principals reinforce to every teacher their value to the school and their belief in them.

My objective as a consultant is to deepen my client’s comfort level and confidence as a school leader through a better understanding of the human component of being a master communicator. I want to help principals and superintendents see themselves and their vital role from a new and exciting lens that will enrich them and the schools they serve as a whole.

If you’d like to learn more or to schedule a consultation please call/text 312-961-3430 or email me.


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