University Presentation

“I Just Want to Fit In!”

Bullying is as rampant on university campuses as it is in middle and high schools. Many college students live in quiet desperation. Some were bullied or left out by the cool crowd in high school and fear that the same thing will happen again. Others were popular and feel intimidated by the prospect of starting over in a new environment. Then there are the students who simply feel invisible.

This is an exciting and engaging primer for students on how to conquer their fears and make their mark. I reveal the profile of “The Desperate Freshman,” how to identify anyone on campus who fits the profile, and how to help them. I talk about the typical mistakes most undergrads make when trying to fit in, and how to avoid them; the warning signs that someone may be contemplating self-harm or violence against others and how to successfully intervene; the difference between university life and high school, what to expect and what not to expect; Greek life—to pledge or not to pledge; what to do if the harder you try to make friends, the more alone you find yourself; and how to forge lasting bonds in college and beyond.

For any student who wants their college years to rock without having to sacrifice who they are to belong, this is the keynote that will give them the courage and the tools to achieve it on their own terms. This is the presentation I wish had been available to me when I was an undergrad.

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