No one should have to endure being teased, bullied, or abused. Cruelty violates a person’s sense of self and others. If you or someone you know-perhaps your son, daughter, student, or a friend-is being bullied at school: you can help. Listen to them. Let them know they are not alone in their struggle. Be compassionate, supportive, and strong.

As a survivor turned activist, I wanted to make sure this website offered specific, practical, and realistic advice for students, educators, parents, and Adult Survivors of Peer Abuse. The way I see it, we are kindred spirits who share something that those who’ve not been exposed to the pain of peer abuse can understand. This section of the website features concrete advice based on my own hard-earned wisdom and that of thousands of others whose lives have also been impacted by bullying and who had the courage to confide in me. I hope that these strategies help you.

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